Playengo & G Suite

An integrated solution to easily showcase content from G Suite, using Google Chrome player devices, and run on Google Cloud Platform.


Connect to Playengo using your G Suite account.

Strong support of Slides, Sheets and Docs

Autoplay, Autoscroll, Slides duration detection, and much more!

Private Sharing

Simply share your content with the admin account and allow Playengo to access it.


Playengo player can run on Chrome OS (Chromebit, Chromebox, Chromebook).

Fully integrated with G Suite

If your organisation uses G Suite, Playengo will seamlessly display any of your customized Google Docs, Sheets or Slides content. In just a few clicks, show KPIs or sales figures contained in Google Sheets, or display a corporate presentation in your office lobby directly from Google Slides.

Your users can create attractive digital signage content without even opening the the Playengo console. Simply share your Google file with the Playengo admin to add to the local playlist, and watch your changes appear on any of your screens in real time.

Built on Google Cloud, for Google Cloud

The Playengo platform is fast, secure, and completely integrated with your favorite Google tools. Built on top of Google Cloud for optimal performance and flexible configuration settings, Playengo delivers a solution that’s tailored to your needs.

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